About Us


Quick Strip is a Sand Blasting and Powder Coating facility. We perform all of our services in-house.

If you are restoring, repairing, or powder coating we will remove the paint, rust, and most any surface coating to expose the bare metal for a finishing process.We have been serving the automotive industry for over 23 years. We work with some of the top auto restoration shops as well as body shops and the “do it yourself” car enthusiast.

Quick Strip will strip the complete car top-to-bottom, as well as car components such as bodies, frames, fenders, suspension parts, etc. Additionally, we strip motorcycles, industrial equipment, railings, outdoor furniture, and anything that will hold up to the blasting process.We have the capability to Powder Coat a wide range of parts ranging from wheels to motorcycle frames in whatever color that suits your needs.

Please check out our Sand Blasting & Powder Coating photo gallery and then give us a call. We will be glad to assist you and answer any questions that you may have and help you select the right removal & finishing process.